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MLB World Series 2020 Odds & Offers at

The World Series is one of the biggest moments of the Major League Baseball season. Watching the World Series and betting on the event is even more exciting, especially if one of the teams is your favorite. 

The World Series 2020 odds will be different for each team. A lot of different variations come into play to determine the odds for each team. 

Some examples of these scenarios include a team's roster, injuries, performance from last season, and even the MLB draft. As you can see, there are many deciding factors that make each team's odds change. 

The World Series will be held in October, with cumulative dates that are subject to change. Once the event gets closer, there will be more concrete dates at play. 

Betting on the World Series 

Taking a look into World Series odds and betting, you will find a handful of opportunities to bet on. These can range from one sportsbook to the next, but generally, they all offer similar betting options. 

For newer sports bettors, these might seem overwhelming at first, especially if you do not know the terminology. Some examples of World Series bets include:

  • Series Matchups
  • Moneyline
  • Runline
  • Totals (over/under)
  • Player Props
  • Team Props
  • Parlays
  • Future Bets

Series Matchups

This type of bet is fairly straightforward. You simply pick who you think will be the winner of the series. You will see this type of bet more commonly during the postseason. 

This bet is easy to comprehend but ultimately still difficult at times. You have to factor in a handful of other features such as home field, weather, injuries, and even lineup changes. 

There is a potential of seven games to be played since the World Series is a best-of-seven format. This means that the first team to win four games is the winner. So teams will obviously have some fatigue as they progress forward. 


The moneyline bet is one of the most common types of bets out there. This bet revolves around picking a team that you think will win the game. 

You will see the odds represented by two different signs. You will have a plus sign and a minus sign. Let us look at an example:

  • Dodgers -200
  • Yankees +125

By looking at this example, you will see that the Dodgers have -200. This means that they are considered the favorite to win in this matchup since they have a minus sign. You would have to wager $200 to get a return of $100 if they win. 

On the other side, the Yankees are at +125. This means they are considered the underdog, or least likely to win because they have a plus sign. You would need to wager $100 to get a return of $125 if they win. 


If you understand how the moneyline works, then looking at the runline will help you out. This type of bet is usually placed at either -1.5 or +1.5. 

The runline operates much like a point spread would be in other sports. In a typical runline scenario, the team that is considered the favorite must win by two or more runs. The other side to that is the underdog must lose by two runs or less, or win the game outright for this scenario to be covered. 

As mentioned above, this is where knowing the moneyline terminology helps. The odds are assigned next to the favorite, which is assigned with a runline of -1.5, and the underdog, which is assigned with a runline of +1.5. 

Total Runs (over/under)

This bet is popular for people that enjoy watching the scores of the baseball game. You might actually be rooting for the game to be high scoring or low scoring depending on the way you bet with totals. 

For example, say the Dodgers and Yankees have an over/under bet of 7.5. This is a number that will be used as a placeholder and will be given to you by your sportsbook. 

If you decide to bet over, you are saying that you think both teams' combined scores at the end of the game will be at least eight runs, which is over 7.5. If you believe that both teams' combined runs will be at least seven or less, you would take the under bet. 

The reason that it has a decimal added of 0.5 is so that it makes for an easier way to make a bet. If they said seven and the total ends up being seven, the bet would become a push, and you would get your money back. 

Player Prop Bets

There are a variety of wagers that are based on individual players reaching specific benchmarks within a game or even the series. These bets are often fun to bet on and sometimes do not affect the outcome of the game. 

Some series examples would include the over/under on the number of hits, extra-base hits, RBI, and even home runs a player might hit across an event like the World Series. 

These types of bets can also be narrowed down to a game by game basis. Those would also include the same as above with the over/under on the number of hits, walks, or even home runs a player might hit in a single game.

Team Prop Bets

This type of bet is very similar to the player prop bet, at least with similar scenarios. With a team prop, you will be looking at how a team produces as opposed to an individual player. 

These bets include the same scenarios as above, but with a team view in mind. So these would include over/under of home runs, RBI, and even strikeouts a team might have in a game. 


Parlay bets can be described as a series of bets that have to all be correct for you to be paid. Parlay bets will have more favorable odds and payouts simply because of the increased difficulty that is involved in correctly predicting multiple outcomes. 

As such, these betting scenarios can be from who will win each game in a series, to the over/under totals for each game. As long as you correctly pick each one of your bets in a row, the betting orders themselves do not matter. 

Futures Bets

Betting on the World Series, in general, is a season-long task since the outcomes are changing every day. You can, at any point, place a bet on who you think will win it all at any time of the season. 

If you happen to place a bet very early in the season, odds are more likely to be more attractive than they are later in the season. This is because if you were to make a bet halfway through the season on a team to win the World Series, you would have had a lot of time to analyze the team and make a better prediction. 

Tips for Making The Right Picks

When making a choice between the betting options on the World Series, the sky's the limit to whatever you desire. Keep in mind that the World Series odds will constantly be changing for all the teams and each betting scenario that is associated with it. 

First, you would need to do some research on the teams at hand. There will be a handful of stats, player tendencies, and how teams perform on the road that will affect the information. 

Next, you should avoid having biases towards favorites or rivals. Just because you love your team does not mean they will win everything. On the other side to that, you should not count out a division or your team's rival just because you dislike them. 

Last but not least is the weather. Since these games are played outside, the weather can play a huge factor in the difficulty of a game. Since the World Series is played later in the year, you will most likely have colder weather. 

Another weather factor would be the wind. If the wind is blowing towards home plate, you can expect fewer home runs. If it is blowing more towards the outfield, you can bet that more runs will occur with home runs. 


Betting on the World Series has the potential to bring you lots of excitement, especially when your predictions come true. Any way you look at it, you can still have a great experience overall. 

There are a handful of betting opportunities that you can do before the World Series and while it is live. The time is now to do your research to narrow down prospects and see who makes the best candidates. 

Keep in mind your bankroll situation. Even though these are meant for fun and competition, you should still treat this with respect. No one needs to go broke while making wagers, so have a plan ready and start saving money now. 



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