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The Biggest Casino Wins in the US

The Biggest Casino Wins in the US

Be it online or at a brick-and-mortar venue, whenever you enter a casino, you step into a world that is rich with possibility and dreams of what that a big win could provide. Keeping your hopes alive by learning of the success of others can certainly bring confidence and consistency to your game.

In order to realize those big wins, it’s necessary to have the determination to use new and improved strategies every time you play, which can increase your chances of that big casino win. Arguably, another important factor is to have on your side is luck. To some, luck may seem like a preposterous concept, and these players may wish to focus more on winning the game with their own strategies. Implementing a strategy is a solid basis to use, but luck still can’t be ruled out. 

You’d certainly be surprised if you paid a visit to a casino and you witnessed a player earn $100 after investing $50 in front of you. But what about earning millions out of a bet of only a few dollars? 

Many people have sought to gain big wins at the casino, hoping that lady luck would be on their side, but only a few have managed to beat the odds and truly rise to fame, turning their hard-earned cash into millions. Who are these players and how did they manage to win big? Let’s take a look at some largest casino wins in the USA and the players behind them.


  • Archie Karas


There are plenty of intriguing tales associated with poker tables and each of them are sure to increase your interest in the game and leave you wondering how to win big money at a casino. The story of Archie Karas is certainly one of those tales – one that involves a jaw-dropping high-win game. 

An immigrant from Greece, Archie Karas came to Las Vegas with only $50 in his pocket. The success that soon followed his casino exploits saw people refer to him as a true genius of the poker game. Archie used what little money he had in the best possible way and made a fortune playing poker. Many great poker players, including Stu Ungar failed to beat him. 

Many still remember Karas’s record-breaking streak of luck in Las Vegas, which earned him the nickname ‘The Run’. From his initial investment of $50, Karas was able to amass $40m in just 30 months. 


  • Cynthia Jay-Brennan


It was at her boyfriend’s mother’s birthday celebration at the Desert Inn Hotel and Casino where Cynthia Jay-Brennan – a prominent name in the history of casino game jackpot winners – tried her luck at the Megabucks slot. 

During her first few spins, she made multiple attempts to win. She came close but to no avail. However, it was her ninth spin that made her a sensation. She won $34.95 million, making slot machine jackpot history. The amount she won was the highest Megabucks jackpot at that time. 

Following her win, Cynthia left her job (not after seeing out her two weeks’ notice). She tied the knot with the love of her life and went to Fiji with her spouse on their honeymoon. 

Tragically, just weeks after her jackpot win, Cynthia was in a life-changing car accident. She lost her sister in the incident and became paralyzed, losing all feeling in her body from the chest down. Even though her luck was short lived, before her accident, she arguably made the most of her time with the money she won.


  • Don Johnson


Don Johnson rose to fame by winning more than $15 million over a six-month period in 2011. His remarkable run saw him win around $4m at Caesars of Atlantic city and $5m at Borgata Hotel Casino. 

Later that year, he also won $5.8 million at Tropicana Casino. It was here that he played blackjack for 12 straight hours, even managing to win $800,000 in a single hand. 

Many observers argued that Johnson used card counting as part of his technique. He has refuted all of his accusers and has since shared many (though not all) of the secrets of his techniques for playing casino games.


  • Beverly Whitten


In 2006, Beverley Whitten, a retired teacher, paid a visit to Mountaineer Casino and Resort. Her game of choice was the Golden Chambers slot. Little did she know, but after only two hours of playing, she would rank as one of the biggest winners in slot machine history. 

It was during these two hours that she played the Golden Chambers slot without interruption, winning a cool $3,718,311. In another twist, she chose to receive her winning amount in monthly installments. 


So there you have it, just a few of the tales surrounding some of the biggest (and luckiest) casino wins in the US. Although their winning totals and techniques vary, these players share all share one common trait – from the moment they stepped into the casino, none of them had the first idea of the winnings that were in wait. 

If this list has inspired you and if you’re intrigued to discover if you could win big at the casino, why not pay a visit to our Resorts Casino promotions? Who knows, maybe your next game will see your name make it to the list of big online casino wins?

The Biggest Casino Wins in the US



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