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How The Resorts Casino Mobile App Makes Dull Moments Way More Interesting

Life is full of monotony. Wake up. Go to work. Attend meetings. Eat lunch. Work some more. Eat dinner. Watch TV. Go to bed. Somewhere in there, you might find time to squeeze in an online casino game at your Mac or PC. But who says you have to be tethered to your desk? With the mobile app, you can turn any dull moment into an adventure in just a few taps. Whether you’re at home or on the go, we’ll show you how playing online casino games in NJ and winning real money on the app is a great way to make boring everyday situations way more interesting.


Watching TV

The next time you sit down to watch TV, why not feel like you’re actually a part of what’s happening on the other side of the screen? For example, instead of just watching Wheel of Fortune while you scroll through your Facebook feed, fire up on your mobile device and play Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin. And there are tons of other great slots and table games waiting for you. Watching the big game but tired of all those commercial breaks? Get in a few hands of Blackjack and score big. There are more ways to play and win than there are channels to choose from.


Watching the game? The excitement doesn’t have to stop during the commercials, and our slot games offer plenty of exciting ways for you to score big.


During those pesky wedding speeches

Weddings can be fun. The food. The dancing. The cake. The champagne. But as soon as those speeches hit, you have one of two choices — head to the restroom and return when the boredom has subsided, or sit there and pretend to laugh at jokes that were probably stolen off the Internet (and that you probably heard at the last wedding you attended). But with, you can discreetly play your favorite mobile slots. So as the bubbly starts to flow, you can celebrate with a quick game of Bubble Craze.


In a meeting that you don’t need to be in

Let’s face it. Meetings are full of dull moments. Whether it’s the 15 minutes of setup time spent figuring out how the conferencing system works or those pointless moments that leave you wondering why you were even on the invite list to begin with, meetings can be a huge time-waster. So spice things up by playing your favorite slots online. Remember, you can play for free on your smartphone, so it might not be a violation of your company’s policy. Of course, you should double check what that policy is before doing anything other than actual work. Just remember to put the line on mute before you celebrate your winnings.

Standing in line at the supermarket

Long lineups at the supermarket are the complete opposite of fun. And it gets even worse when the person in front of you has a million coupons to sort through. But that’ll no longer bother you if you’ve got installed on your iPhone or Android device. Just fire up the app and win some casino chips while you wait to pay for those potato chips. Winning at slots or poker while you check out gives a whole new meaning to bringing home the bacon.


On your way to Atlantic City

Atlantic City is full of excitement, but depending on where you live, the journey isn’t as exciting as the destination. But that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Whether you’re on a bus or a passenger in a car, get an early start on the fun on your mobile device and enjoy all the best slots and table games — as long as you’re in the Garden State. Play your way down the parkway and you might just make it to the casino with a little more cash in your pocket!


Discover your extraordinary everyday moment

There are lots more opportunities like these, just waiting to be discovered. Download the official Resorts Casino Online Games app for your smartphone or tablet in the App Store or for your Android device by clicking the links below. Turn your next dull moment into a spectacular opportunity to win real money playing slots and table games. You’ll even get up to $600 free on your first three deposits when you use coupon codes DEPOSIT1, DEPOSIT2, and DEPOSIT3. You’ll get a 100% match bonus on each of your first three deposits, up to $100, $200, and $300 respectively. What are you waiting for? Download the app and start adding some excitement to your routine today!


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