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Comparing Casino Games and Online Games – Resorts Casino

Casino Gaming Showdown: Why online casinos can be just as exciting as the real thing


If you’re familiar with casino games in the real world, there’s a lot to love about the online gaming experience. But before you jump in head first, you should know that the on and offline experiences can differ in a few ways. Today, we’re pitting online games against their casino-based counterparts to see how the two compare and contrast. Read on to discover which has the upper hand in our series of showdowns.



Stretch your bankroll with lower table minimums online

How far could you stretch $100 at a land-based casino? If you hit a casino on a busy Saturday night, your cash might not last as long as you think. By playing at tables with $25 minimums, you could blow through your bankroll quite quickly, especially if things don’t go your way with double downs and splits. Click here to see our Blackjack Strategy guide!


While some casinos might offer $5 and $10 minimums, nothing compares to what you’ll find at our online casino. At, for example, you can play Blackjack for as little as $1 per hand. That’s fairly unheard of in the live casino world. And if you think $1 a hand is an impressive deal, wait until you hear this. just launched a version of Blackjack with even lower table minimums. With Micro Blackjack, you can bet as little as $0.10 a hand. That’s not a typo. You seriously can wager just 10 cents on one hand. Talk about stretching your dollar.


Upper Hand: Online casinos



Offline crowds or online solitude?

If you love crowds, then you’ll love playing at New Jersey casinos like Resorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City. There’s nothing quite like gathering with your fellow Roulette players around the table, especially when your number comes up and everyone screams with excitement. However, at online casinos, the crowd element is missing. If you’re all about camaraderie, you might miss the energy of a live casino when you play online. But if you prefer a little breathing room at the tables and enjoy gambling alone, online casino games are perfect for you. Plus, there’s no need to dress to impress, so you can win big without having to get out of your PJ’s.


Upper Hand: It’s a push



Put your wallet away when you play free games online

We mentioned lower table minimums, but that’s not the whole story. Sure, when you play for real money, you can play for a fraction of the cost. But did you know you can also play for free? At, you can test out table games, video poker games, and online slots without wagering real money. It’s ideal if you’re just discovering a new game for the first time, you want to test out a betting strategy, or you want to just have fun without risking anything at all. You can’t do that in the live casino world, so online definitely wins in this department.


Upper Hand: Online casinos



Say hi to the dealer

If you love talking to the dealer or slot attendant while you play, online casinos aren’t for you. That’s because instead of an actual person dealing out the cards or monitoring the slots, it’s simulated. Many games offer real casino sound effects and dealer voices, but you won’t actual see a dealer hand you your cards. The plus side? The game tends to be much faster, so you can cram more action into your gambling session.


Upper Hand: Live casinos



No pressure to tip

If you don’t like the fact that there’s no dealer present, maybe this will change your mind. At NJ web casinos, there’s no need to tip the dealer. Sure, you don’t have to tip in the real world either, but dealers will gladly accept monetary tokens of appreciation for your good fortune. Online though, not only is tipping not required, it’s impossible to do so.


Upper Hand: Online casinos



Where’s the beef?

If you’ve joined us before in Atlantic City, you know that mouthwatering food is only just a few steps away from the slots and tables. In fact, you can actually grab something to eat without leaving the action. We’ve got fast food options on the casino floor, plus great dining options throughout the property — like Capriccio , Gallagher’s, Landshark, and Margaritaville, to name a few. If you’re playing online, you’re on your own for food.


But before we give the upper hand to the land-based casino world, we should mention that playing online can actually be your ticket to great dining. With our Echelon Rewards program, you have the potential to earn exclusive offers designed to enhance your experience when you visit us in Atlantic City. That could include complimentary dining, so technically playing online comes with delicious incentives.


Upper Hand: It’s a push


Enjoy 24/7 gaming, whenever you crave it

Since 1992, Atlantic City casinos have been open 24/7. is also open 24/7. So who wins this round? We’re giving this victory to the online casino. After all, with, the casino comes to you. That means whether you’re at home on your Mac or PC or waiting to see a client in the lobby of an office tower, you can play your favorite slots and table games from anywhere in New Jersey.


Upper Hand: Online casinos



Enjoy whichever gaming experience you’d like today

As much as online casinos differ from their land-based counterparts, they’re also spectacularly similar. If you enjoy visiting us in Atlantic City, check us out online. We know you’ll enjoy the experience just as much.



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