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New Jersey Online Gambling's Future - Resorts Casino

The future of Online Casino Gaming: 5 predictions for what’s next

Did you see what’s new at Chances are it’s already old by now. That’s because iGaming (the industry term for online casino gaming) is always changing for the better. At, we constantly introduce what players want in an online gaming experience. To deliver the type of stuff that’ll blow your mind, we like to look to the future to predict what’s next.

Today, we’re going to introduce you to five big things on our mind and what each of them means for the future of online casinos in New Jersey.

Live dealer casino gaming will be added to the mix

At, we’re famous for blurring the line between live casino play and online casino games. Step onto the floor of Resorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City and you’ll see the iGaming Lounge, a dedicated space on the casino floor that introduces the online casino experience to our “brick and mortar” players. We also recognize that some live players want a different kind of online experience. That’s why, in the not too distant future, you’ll see the addition of live dealer games at

Live dealer casino games let players at home enjoy their favorite table games like Blackjack against real dealers through a video feed. Live online casino games won’t totally replace the current game lineup we offer, so you’ll always have the option to enjoy the classic online gameplay you’re used to.

Deposit methods will become even more reliable and plentiful

When the iGaming industry launched in New Jersey back in 2013, the payments industry wasn’t ready for it. Too many credit card processors and banks just couldn’t handle iGaming transactions, especially with the prohibitive laws that were in place prior to regulation.

We entered the market a little later, hoping that some of the payment issued would be ironed out. We didn’t want to disappoint our players by making them jump through hoops to deposit.

While payment processing has evolved and improved, there is still room for improvement. In the future, we predict that new payment technologies will be introduced and existing payment options will work even better than they currently do.

The online casinos that blur the line between live and online play will continue to dominate

Thanks to loyalty programs like Resorts Rewards and Echelon, online casino players have come to expect more from their online casino experience. It’s not enough to get rewarded for playing online. Players expect to experience new kinds of tangible rewards that blur the line between offline and online play.

As competition heats up, players will demand more from their online casino. The sites that recognize that players want to be rewarded in big ways online and off will dominate. To the competition, we apologize in advance.

Games will become even more immersive with virtual reality options

Lots of slots are based on reality. Take our Guns N’ Roses slots for example. It’s based on a real life band. But in the future, slots won’t just be based on reality. They’ll bring you into a whole new reality.

Thanks to virtual reality technology, the slot games of tomorrow might not just look different than the slots of today. They might feel different too. With new VR technology, you might find yourself immersed in a 3D slot world, discovering new ways to get rewarded.

You might be asked to bring your devices to the table

Lots of casinos ask you to put your smartphone away at the tables. But that could change. In the future, you might be asked to bring your smartphone or tablet to the table as casinos create difference types of live experiences that incorporate the devices you may already own.

The future is right here

With all this talk about what’s next in the casino world, you’d think that the online casino world is resting on its laurels. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. At, we’ve got lots of things on the go and plenty of innovations happening all the time. Check out our growing slots library to see what’s new, or take our brand new $2,000,000 slot machine for a spin. Your free daily spin is waiting. All it takes is a free account, so join us.



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