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How Online Gaming Helps Atlantic City

How playing online supports Real-World Atlantic City Casinos

When regulated online gambling came to New Jersey back in 2013, some people assumed that the online casino world would ultimately cannibalize the live, offline casino world. The argument was that people who enjoy gambling in Atlantic City would suddenly have no need to visit New Jersey’s casino capital as people moved began playing at home or on the go.

But the truth is that the opposite has happened, at least as far as Resorts Casino Hotel is concerned. Since launching, we’ve found the more and more people are discovering how great our fun and relaxed live casino experience is. Situated right on the boardwalk, Resorts Casino Hotel offers everything a casino player wants — great games, a hotel, fantastic restaurants, and entertainment right outside your door (not to mention spectacular Atlantic Ocean views).

Our research shows that our NJ online casino has actually fueled interest in our live casino property. That means by playing online, you’re supporting not just our online property, but Atlantic City as a whole. Today, we’re digging a bit deeper to show you what it all means.

The same people are behind the scenes

Did you know the people behind work at Resorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City? That’s not the case of all Atlantic City Casinos (some digital teams operate in other parts of New Jersey or elsewhere), but it is the case with Resorts. That means when you play online, you’re helping not just the online casino grow, but the live casino, too. By welcoming more and more guests online and off, we’ve been able to expand our offerings. At Resorts Casino Hotel, for example, we recently expanded our property to include new state-of-the-art conference center facilities.

Playing online gets you to Atlantic City

By playing online casino games at, you can earn stays with us in Atlantic City through Resorts Rewards and various other promotions. If you’re never taken a trip to Atlantic City, you may end up discovering a new favorite weekend getaway spot or summer vacation destination. While in town, you’ll enjoy the casino, see some live entertainment, check out the boardwalk, and enjoy the restaurants. Experiencing Atlantic City helps the people who live and work here, and it’s nice to leave the house to do your casino gaming every now and then.

Resorts Casino Hotel bridges the technology gap between off and online casino gaming

While has brought a lot of people to Resorts Casino Hotel, the reverse is also true. Located on the casino floor of Resorts in Atlantic City is our iGaming Lounge. Introduced in 2015, it’s a first-of-its-kind lounge that helps introduce traditional casino gamblers to the newest way to play. When you walk in, you’re greeted by friendly staff who are standing by to help you familiarize yourself with You can try out our games on iPads and computers, and get help setting things up on your own mobile device. We’ve even helped people who aren’t technologically savvy feel comfortable enough to get online and enjoy casino games, so really everyone wins.

Experience Atlantic City’s best, right now

In the mood for casino fun? Create a free account and enjoy everything Atlantic City has to offer from the comforts of home. And don’t forget, you can start winning before you even place a bet. With our $2,000,000 Slot, you get three free spins each day. Sign up now and find out what you’ve won today.



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