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Fun Online Slot Games - Free Features & Excitement

The days of pulling a handle and watching three cherries line up on a single payline are over. Sure, the classic 3-reel slots you know and love are still around. But today’s multi-reel, multi-payline slots are packed with prize multipliers, free spins, and features that set the thrill level to maximum.


Never played slots online? Or maybe you consider yourself a slots pro but are confused about the special features? Whatever the case might be, we’ve got you covered with the inside scoop on how to have more fun playing online.


You can play slots for free. Yes, free.

Your favorite Atlantic City casino is always a good time. But if you want to play the slots, you’ll need some sort of bankroll. Whether you’re playing the nickel machines or dropping in $1 per spin, cash is always required. But that’s not the case with the slots at online casinos. When you play at a regulated New Jersey Internet gaming site, you can play free slot games, no questions asked. It’s a great option if you’re still getting used to playing online, or if you want to try out a new game without putting any money on the line.


Even when you play for real, you can play for free

The best part of how online slots work is that you can spin and win on the house’s dime. Many slot games come with free spins, which you can earn through bonus rounds or by hitting the right combination of symbols. During free spins, your balance can only head north.


Control your free games with Select-a-Play

When you win free slot games playing for real cash, you’re usually awarded a specific number of games with a  set prize multiplier. But with Select-a-Play (which is available at, you get to decide if you want a high number of free games with a low prize multiplier or a low number of free games with a higher prize multiplier.


Go big with the Gamble feature

Some online slots let you take your winnings to the next level. For example, with the Gamble feature offered at, you can choose to go head-to-head against the house and try to double or quadruple what you just won. If you choose to take advantage of the Gamble feature, you’ll choose a color or a suit. The dealer will then pick a card. If you’ve guessed the right color, you’ll double your winnings. Guess the right suit and you’ll quadruple them.


Discover even more ways to maximize your thrill level has even more unique features designed to keep things extra interesting. Sign up for a free account [aI1] to check out all of the fun and excitement our online games have to offer or test drive one of our featured games[aI2]  using demo play mode.






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