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Boku payment online casinos

Boku payment online casinos


Founded in 2009 by a group of financial experts, Boku grew into an international mobile payments giant after raising more than $91m in venture capital over a number of years to help it grow. In 2017, the company finally went public on the London Stock Exchange in an IPO valued at £125m. 


Today, Boku is a preferred payment method for many online casino players around the world, and is accepted as a deposit method at numerous Boku mobile payment casino sites. 


The payment processor is available in all parts of the world, ranging from the Far East to the US, and has processed more than $7bn in transactions in 2020 alone, proving it to be one of the leading payment processing services in the world. 


If you are looking for a Boku payment casino, you have come to the right place. But first, let’s find out what the Boku payment method is and how you can use it with online casinos. 


What is Boku payment?


The Boku mobile payment processor is one of the simplest ways to make deposits with online casinos. As long as you find a casino site that accepts Boku mobile payments, you will be able to make deposits with that site without providing any banking information or registering any additional accounts. 


In order to use Boku, all you will need is an active mobile phone number with one of the many phone operators that support Boku. If you have an active Boku mobile payment number, you will be able to make a deposit and have it appear on your next phone bill without any additional restrictions. 


This makes Boku one of the fastest and most reliable payment methods that online casinos offer, with all transactions done directly via your phone, without any banking apps needed. 


Now, let’s talk a little more about how you can use Boku payment in online casinos and what kind of banking you can do with it. 


Pros and cons of Boku




  • A fast way to make online casino deposits
  • Boku is free
  • No additional fees
  • No need for registration with Boku
  • Available with many licensed casinos
  • Very safe and secure deposits




  • Withdrawals are not possible with Boku
  • Daily Boku payment limits on deposits
  • May be excluded from bonuses and promos


Deposit by Boku in a casino


Online casinos often offer numerous different payment methods as a way of giving all their customers a way to make deposits and cashouts without too much effort. 


While the Boku payment method is not available on every online casino, a growing number of sites do allow it, as it is one of the more convenient ways for players to make deposits without having to transfer money between different bank accounts and e-wallets. 


In order to make a Boku payment, you will need to find the appropriate Boku payment casino and select this payment method from the list. The casino will give you further instructions, and you will be asked to provide your phone number and connect the payment through the Boku app. 


Once the process is completed, your Boku mobile payment will appear in your casino balance, and you will be charged on your phone bill. 


It is important to note that since this is a type of payment method that could be easily abused, there are limits to Boku payments – these allow up to £10 or equivalent to be deposited in one transaction, and £30 in one day.


However, Boku online payments are so easy and convenient that you may want to use them when looking to make smaller, regular deposits into your online casino account. 


Boku is one of the payment methods offered by online casinos for easy and fast payments alongside the other cash payment and e-wallet solutions that allow for similar types of banking.  


If you should encounter any Boku mobile payment problem, the processor’s customer support is always available to help, though the app offers fairly smooth payments without frequent issues. If you do wish to contact customer service, you can submit an enquiry via the Boku website.


Withdraw using Boku in a casino


It would be ideal if we could use Boku mobile payment processing to make cashouts from online casinos, but unfortunately this is not yet possible. 


In fact, there is little chance that Boku will ever make withdrawals possible. Since all payments are done via mobile phone bills, it would be difficult, if not impossible, to introduce withdrawals into such a system. 


Instead, you will need to select a different type of withdrawal method to use alongside your Boku payments. The best choice here is to provide the operator with a bank account number that they can use to wire you your winnings when you make a withdrawal request. 


Since Boku withdrawals are not possible, wire transfers are usually the most reliable and safest method of cashing out your winnings without having to share too much personal information with any online casino. Alternatively, you could use an e-wallet such as PayPal or Skrill to receive your cashouts from online casinos. 


For the most part, casino operators will ask you to make at least a minimum deposit using the alternative payment method that you plan to use for cashouts, with bank account being the only one that most casinos will accept without the requirement of a minimum deposit. 




With years of experience providing payment services, Boku is a reliable and safe payment processor that allows for fast and cheap online casino deposits. 


You will be able to make Boku mobile payments with just a mobile phone number, and no registration is necessary, which makes it extremely easy to use this service to fund your online casino balance. 


While withdrawals are not possible with Boku, the payment method will easily be one of the most convenient ways for you to get some small deposits into your account and enjoy Boku payment games at leading casino sites. 

Boku payment online casinos



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