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Casino Glossary

Casino Glossary


Definition of draw (keno term)


The draw is the process of selecting the winning numbers (keno balls).


Examples of draw


  • There is a draw every five minutes at the online casino.
  • The winning numbers have been drawn.
  • The last 50 Club Keno drawings have revealed a set of hot and cold numbers.




The term draw is used in keno in the same way that it is in lotteries. Keno is essentially an online lottery game, the only difference being that results are released more often to match the fast-paced nature of online gambling. Hence, the term “draw” was adopted to refer to the process of revealing winning numbers. Numbers are either drawn using a ball machine or a random number generator.

Definition of croupier (casino term)


A croupier is the name for the dealer or casino employee in charge of a gaming table. They assist in the conduct of the game and are responsible for collecting bets and distributing payouts.


Example of croupier


  • The croupier welcomes players at the start of the game.




Before it was used to indicate a casino employee, the croupier referred to a person who stood behind a gambler holding extra cash to fuel the gaming session.


While the croupier gambling term applies to any table game, it’s most commonly used in roulette. This is due to the fact that roulette doesn’t involve cards. Hence croupier is more appropriate than “dealer”, especially within territories that do not speak French.

Double down (blackjack term) 


The term double down refers to the placing of a second bet identical to the original wager, after which an additional card will be dealt and no more moves can be made.


Example of double down


  • The player doubles down on a 12-value hand.




Doubling down is one of the actions players can take in blackjack. Traditionally, players indicate that they wish to double down by simply placing additional chips beside the original bet and pointing with a finger. It’s a popular move to make when a player is confident in their hand and believes they have an advantage over the dealer’s hand.

Casino Glossary



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