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NBA Championship 2020 Odds - Bet Now and Get $250 Risk Free Bet

Betting on the National Basketball Association is a close second to betting on football in the United States, but the gap closes considerably when it is time for the NBA Finals. NBA Championship odds are offered in several different forms, and bettors have a variety of different betting options.

The odds will change each year depending on the matchup, but the types of bets that are offered are always the same. Here are some of the top ways to bet on the NBA Finals, and a description of what the odds might look like. 

Betting on the Game

There is a chance that the NBA Championship will feature seven games, which means there are seven different opportunities to win some money. Betting on each game of the NBA Finals is extremely popular, and there are several different bets offered. 

Moneyline Betting

Moneyline betting is more popular in sports other than basketball, but it is still a bet that will be offered on the NBA Championships. Moneyline betting involves picking the winner of each game, and there aren't any other tricks involved.

The reason that this bet isn't as popular as other options is because the odds usually aren't great with a moneyline bet. The favorites often won't offer a big payout, and there is plenty of risk in betting on the underdog. 

Spread Betting

Spread betting is an extremely popular bet when it comes to betting on basketball, and that includes betting on the NBA Championships. Spread betting is sometimes referred to as "betting against the spread," and it can bring plenty of excitement to the games.

Sportsbooks set the betting line based on the probability of a certain outcome to occur. Bettors don't have to predict the game's correct winner to win this bet, but they have to pick how close or how spread out the final outcome will be. 

Total Betting

Total betting is the second most popular basketball bet, and it offers bettors a unique betting experience. Total betting does not focus on the winner or loser of a game but instead focuses on the total number of points scored in the game.

A total bet is also called an "over/under" bet, and there are just two options when it comes to this type of bet. Bettors simply choose whether the two teams will combine to score "over" or "under" the total set by Resorts. 

A total bet is also a popular bet that is made on each quarter of an NBA Finals game, and it will be offered as a first- and second-half bet as well. 

Player Prop Betting

Prop betting has grown in popularity over the last decade, and player prop betting is one of the newest aspects of this type of bet. Player prop betting resembles fantasy sports in that bettors are focusing on one player in an NBA game.

Resorts will set odds for a player's statistical performance in each game, giving bettors the change to wager on their output. All of the top players will be listed, but bets can be made on role players as well. 

Team Prop Betting

Team prop betting works in the same way as player prop betting, but bettors must now focus on an entire team in each game. Bettors often parlay team and player prop bets to win big when betting on the NBA Championships.

Resorts will feature a long list of team prop bets for both teams in each game, giving bettors many great opportunities. 

Live Betting

Live betting or in-play betting is legal in the state of New Jersey, and will have several live betting options. All of the betting options listed above will be offered as a live bet, although the odds will constantly be changing.

Live betting continues to grow in popularity as bettors feel like it helps them get in on the action. Once you see the live betting odds posted, you won't have a ton of time to make a decision. 

Other Betting Opportunities

Betting on the NBA is the most popular way to bet on the NBA Championship, but there are other ways offered as well. Here are a few of the other most popular ways to bet on the NBA Championship. 

Series Betting

If you are looking to take your NBA Championship betting to the next level, then series betting is for you. This type of bet requires not only picking the correct NBA champion but also correctly picking the number of games the series will last.

This type of bet is best when it is made before the first game of the series is played, but odds will be updated throughout the series. The chances of winning big increase with each game, but there is still a chance to nail your series betting pick. 

Future Betting

NBA Championship odds are set for the upcoming year as soon as the previous champion has been crowned. This allows bettors to make a future bet as to which team will win the next NBA Championship.

Resorts Casino will also offer odds on which player will be named NBA Finals MVP, but this bet won't be opened up until the NBA Finals matchup is set. There is a chance to win big with these two future bets, but the odds are constantly updated. 

Unique Prop Betting

Since the NBA Finals are extremely popular, sportsbooks will also offer up NBA Championship odds on unique props. What this means is that you can bet on unique events that will happen either during the games or at some point in the series.

These unique props change each year, but there are a few that always seem to show up. Look for unique props such as:

  • Will Gatorade be dumped on the winning head coach?
  • Length of National Anthem for any game of the series
  • Will any game in the NBA Finals go into overtime?


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