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NJ Sportsbook Promotions might be a household name in the online casino industry, but it is starting to become a major player in the sports betting industry as well. Resorts Online Sportsbook is helping to change the game, and they are doing it through their terrific promotions.

All of the promotions can be found on the sportsbook page by clicking on the Promotions tab located at the top. You’ll be blown away by the number of available promotions that are offered, and will quickly learn that they are easy to take advantage of.

Here are a few of the top promotions that are offered at the Resorts Online sportsbook. 

$250 Risk-Free Bet on Sportsbook

Resorts wants you to be a winner at the sportsbook, and they are willing to back that claim up with a terrific offer for your first bet. Your first bet at the sportsbook is completely risk-free, meaning that you are a winner no matter the outcome.

This promotion is very easy to take advantage of, but you have to be sure that you take advantage of it when first signing up. Simply make your first bet at the sportsbook, and wait for the outcome. 

If your first bet hits, then the money is yours, but if you lose, Resorts will refund your account up to $250. That’s right, a free $250 bet just for choosing Resorts. 

Daily Promotions

We will be highlighting some of the top promotions offered at Resorts Online sportsbook, but there are plenty of other offers that aren’t out yet. That’s because Resorts is constantly updating their promotions page, and they come out with new promotions each day.

You heard that right, Resorts offers Daily promotions, and they are some of the best in the industry. You might be overwhelmed when trying to keep up with the offerings, but you can be notified via text whenever another great promotion is offered. 

Free Bets

You can also earn a free bet each week from Resorts if you complete a couple of tasks. Simply make 10 valid sports bets between Friday and Thursday, and you will be rewarded with a free $5 bet in your account. 

Now, $5 might not seem like much, but that money can add up quickly, and every bet could make you a big winner. Stay in the game longer at Resorts by betting 10 times per week and earning this free bet offer!

Resorts will add the $5 free bet to your account within 48 hours of making your 10 bets. That means the sooner you get the bets in, the sooner your money will be available to you. 

Reduced Juice

Juice is the amount of money that a sportsbook makes every time that you make a bet. Resorts doesn’t want to take extra money from the customer, and so they routinely offer bets that come with reduced juice.

Most sportsbooks will keep their betting lines at -110, but that isn’t the case at Resorts. You will find several bets that are offered at -105, which could save you a ton of money in the long run.

Big events and key matchups usually see the most action at the sportsbook, and those are usually the games where you will find reduced juice being offered. The promotions tab will have all of the games listed, so be sure to check the sportsbook before making any wagers. 

Reduced juice is just another way that Resorts takes care of their loyal customers, and they want to see you win big. 

Player Prop Bets

Prop betting became extremely popular with the Super Bowl, and Resorts will feature plenty of prop bets on the big game. The prop betting fun doesn’t stop there, as Resorts will offer player prop bets on select games throughout the year.

If you find that focusing on an entire game is too difficult, then taking advantage of the player prop betting options is the way to go. You will find an excellent list of prop bets available at Resorts, and some are in conjunction with other promotional offers. 

Prop betting can keep things exciting and fresh, and nobody does it better than Resorts. 

Team Parlays

If you are someone that likes to go big, there is no better place to bet than at Resorts. Parlay betting offers much more excitement and a bigger risk factor, but there is also a greater chance to earn a big reward.

Team parlays are available at Resorts, and you can combine different sports and leagues into one single parlay bet. All of the bets must cash for you to win the bet, but it’s definitely worth taking the risk. 

60% More on Parlay Wins

If parlay betting is your thing, then you must choose Resorts for all of your parlay betting needs. You could win up to $25,000 in extra cash on your parlay at Resorts by simply taking advantage of this promotion.

Resorts offers a 5% boost on all parlay wins that have at least three legs, and the bonuses continue to go up as you add more legs to your wager. You are eligible to win up to $25,000 by hitting your next parlay at Resorts!

Here is the chart that is listed at Resorts that helps explain this terrific promotion in more detail:


  • Double: No Bonus
  • Treble: 5%
  • 4-fold: 10%
  • 5-fold: 15%
  • 6-fold: 20%
  • 7-fold: 25%
  • 8-fold: 30%
  • 9-fold: 35%
  • 10-fold: 40%
  • 11-fold: 45%
  • 12-fold: 50%
  • 13-fold: 55%
  • 14-fold: 60%
  • 15-fold: 60%
  • 16-fold: 60%
  • 17-fold: 60%
  • 18-fold: 60%
  • 19-fold: 60%
  • 20-fold: 60%

Bet & Get

Since Resorts also features the best online casino in the state of New Jersey, they have combined the sportsbook and casino into one great promotion. They call this their “Bet and Get” promotion, which means that more money will go in your pocket. 

If you make a $50 bet on an NBA game, you can earn a $50 casino bonus. It’s that simple! There is simply no reason not to take advantage of this offer that gives you a chance to win at both locations. 



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