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Using pay by phone as a payment method on online casinos

Using pay by phone as a payment method on online casinos


Online casinos provide an easy way to play your favorite slot machine or live dealer titles from the comfort of your own home. It can be significantly less convenient, however, to deposit and withdraw funds from your account. This is especially true if your bank or credit card issuer does not process requests from online casinos. When this happens, players might wait for hours or even days to find a deposit method that will allow them to start playing. 


Luckily, an increasing number of casino sites that you can pay by phone bill are making it easy for many users to gamble where and how they want. Let’s take a look at using pay by phone casino games and why your phone bill might be a great solution to your transfer woes. 


How does pay by phone work?


Many players all over the world have found that pay by mobile phone bill casinos are an easy and safe way to gamble online. This increasingly popular payment option allows players to pay for games using real money via their phone. Pay by phone casino options are available on both iOS and Android to experienced and new players alike. Some of them are available at any time of the day or night, and offer exclusive bonuses to keep users engaged and happy. 


One variation of pay by phone is mobile pay. This state-of-the-art technology makes gambling easy by allowing users to visit a mobile site where they can input their PayPal or credit card details for a quick transfer. They can then deposit the amount of their choice directly into their account! This is true even for users with a ‘pay as you go’ phone plan. All they need is internet access and an online casino pay by phone-enabled operator to get started.


Other pay by phone casino solutions charge the amount deposited directly to users’ phone bills. If they have a monthly plan and deposit $50, for example, then $50 is added to their next monthly bill. Users without a monthly phone contract can also use the service! The money spent will be subtracted from the amount of money remaining on the phone. This means that the amount that can be deposited might be less than users with regular phone bills – however, the process is an easy one all the same. 


Pros and cons of pay by phone


There are plenty of reasons to love pay by phone casino sites. First, users who opt for this payment method do not need to link their bank account or credit cards to the casino in order to make a deposit. Users with a monthly phone bill will be able to deposit now and pay later, as the money comes out of the next month’s phone bill. The secure and simple pay by phone option is yet another advantage to this particular payment method. Users can deposit money without worrying about their personal information being intercepted by cybercriminals. Deposit bonuses can also typically be collected using mobile payment just as they would be with other payment options.


One con of mobile payment casino options is that not all casinos accept this kind of payment. This can make it difficult when the time comes to switch providers as users might find themselves unable to use their preferred payment method. Additionally, the limit for mobile casino pay by phone bill UK is quite low, sitting at right around £30 per day. You are unlikely to be able to make big plays with the relatively small amount of money you are able to deposit per day. With that said, the low limit could actually be a positive for someone who would like help restricting how much money they spend gambling. Some players might find that the low limit is the perfect choice to keep their budgets on track.


Another potential downside of using online casino pay by phone bill solutions is the lack of withdrawals. With the notable exception of Apple Pay, mobile payment is generally good for deposits only. Not all carriers offer pay by home phone casino payment methods, either, so users should check with their providers to ensure that they are able to make use of the feature before they begin to play. 


Pay by phone bill casino – not Boku!


While Boku is a popular pay by mobile processor, it is not the only option. In fact, there are other providers that might work better with online casinos. Not seeing ‘Boku’ does not necessarily mean that you can use pay by phone, in other words, but rather that a different processor might be necessary. Some users might prefer to make mobile payments, rather than pay via phone bill, specifically because the deposit limits on pay by phone transactions are so low. An alternative, such as Apple Pay or Fonix, might not impose the same kind of limitations upon the amount of money spent. This solution does remove the possibility of play now, pay later for most users, but many are willing to make that sacrifice for the convenience of larger deposits.


Why pay by phone?


Why choose a casino where you can pay by phone bill rather than another, perhaps more universal, option? There are a few reasons why we think that pay by phone is a superior payment solution for some players. We’ve discussed how new pay by phone casino sites can be safer than those that offer only more traditional payment options. Mobile pay by phone bill users do not need to input personal details such as a credit card number when they opt to have the deposit charged to their phone bill, making the process more secure. Additionally, online pay by phone casino options make the gambling process an incredibly easy and convenient one devoid of the need to search for deposit solutions moments before playing. 


Pay by phone and pay by phone bill are both great options to fund your online casino account. Make sure that you pick a trustworthy operator and start playing!


Using pay by phone as a payment method on online casinos



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