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Majority of New Jersey residents supports sports betting

It’s amazing how much opinions can change based on changing law. Before the Supreme Court issued their decision to strike down PASPA, the law that prevented New Jersey from offering sports betting to its residents, about 50% of those surveyed in New Jersey were in favor of expanding sports betting to all 50 states.

After the Supreme Court made their decision, the number in favor jumped to about 62 percent of New Jersey adults. Approximately 47 percent of those surveyed cited new revenue for the Garden State as the reason for supporting NJ online sports betting.

The survey itself didn’t separate betting on sports at an Atlantic City casino from placing bets online. But given residents’ increasing support for playing online casino games as evidenced by the monthly revenue reports that continually trend up year over year, support for online betting is likely similar.

While most casinos haven’t yet announced their plans for offering online sports betting, it’s assumed that most, if not all, properties with an online casino will offer sports betting online.

However, it should be noted that betting on sports is not yet offered by Atlantic City casinos. In fact, sports betting in New Jersey won’t officially kick off until the state government enacts legislation authorizing it.

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