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Wild Wolf Slots Game Rules

Run through the moonlight and make your way to massive winnings when you play Wild Wolf slots at  With sharp graphics and video bonus rounds that take you to the heart of the desert wilderness, players can enjoy one of the most immersive online gaming experiences available. Featuring free spins and other ways to pile up your winnings, this is one wild time that will leave you howling with excitement.


How to Bet in Wild Wolf


  • Lines shows the current number of lines selected
  • Players can choose from between 1, 5, 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 paylines in total
  • Players also choose a line bet associated with each payline
  • The line bet does not decrease or increase in a linear fashion, but in predetermined increments based off of popular betting amounts
  • To change a line or line bet selection, use the left arrow (-) to decrease and the right arrow (+) to increase
  • Once you select your lines and line bet, press Spin to lock in your selection and start the reels
  • To automatically play a set number of spins at the same line and line bet amount, click Auto Spin and choose how many games you’d like to play
  • Auto Spin ends when a player clicks Stop, a bonus is triggered or the balance is insufficient for additional spins


Special Bonuses and Extra Features


Wild Wolf offers plenty of ways to win with its distinct special features


  • The game features Stacked Wilds™ which will help you pile your winnings up Extra paylines also increase your total payout


How Wild Wolf’s Free Spins Bonus Works


  • Free Spins Bonus can be triggered by getting three bonus symbols anywhere on the center reels
  • Once the Free Spins Bonus is triggered, the player earns five free spins
  • The reel for these free spins is filled with richer rewards, specifically more Stacked Wilds™ than what would be found on normal spins
  • Players can trigger additional Free Spins by getting three more Bonus symbols anywhere in the center three reels
  • The bonus can be triggered many times, maxing out at 255 free spins per Bonus
  • Once a Free Spins Bonus starts, players are locked into the line and line bet selections they used on the spin that initiated the bonus


Basic Rules of Wild Wolf


  • Any malfunction will void all pays and plays
  • To win, all line pay symbols must appear on a played line on consecutive reels, starting with the farthest left reel
  • Player only receives the highest occurring payout on each line
  • Line wins are multiplied by the line bet associated with the winning line
  • Only the highest occurring scatter payout is awarded
  • Scatter pays are multiplied by the total bet
  • Any and all coinciding wins across different paylines are added together to form a single payout
  • Scatter awards, which function independently of payline awards are added to the total amount to be paid
  • Winnings earned are shown as currency
  • There is an award cap on any single transaction regardless of bet size (see paytable for details)
  • A transaction includes the results of any Free Spins Bonus plus the outcome that initiated the bonus
  • Bonus rounds will end regardless of any remaining free spins once the award cap is reached


Adjusting Graphics Options


To ensure the best gameplay experience, choose the graphics settings that are right for you:

  • BEST mode - Graphics look best, but this may hinder performance
  • HIGH mode (default) - Optimal balance of graphics and performance
  • MEDIUM mode - Lower quality, but improved performance
  • LOW mode - Degraded graphics, but the game runs smoothly even on slower computers


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