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Go long! Waaaaaaay long. Your next parlay of 3 picks or more could net you up to $25,000 in extra cash on top of your winnings.

Ready to score? Just make your picks and place your parlay bet. If your parlay wins, we’ll add the extra cash on top — anywhere from 5% to 60% of your regular payout.

The more legs in your winning parlay, the bigger your CASH return — up to a maximum of $25,000.

Double: No Bonus
Treble: 5%
4-fold: 10%
5-fold: 15%
6-fold: 20%
7-fold: 25%
8-fold: 30%
9-fold: 35%
10-fold: 40%
11-fold: 45%
12-fold: 50%
13-fold: 55%
14-fold: 60%
15-fold: 60%
16-fold: 60%
17-fold: 60%
18-fold: 60%
19-fold: 60%
20-fold: 60%


What is the Parlay Boost?
It’s the chance to win extra CASH on your next parlay of 3 legs or more.

Do all my bets have to win for my parlay to win?

Yes. All legs must be successful for your parlay to win, and for you to receive your CASH.

Is my bonus paid out in cash?
Yes, credited directly to your account.


  • Promotion runs beginning 1/30/2019
  • This offer is valid only on winning parlay bets over 3 selections.
  • Parlay bonus is awarded as cash, with a maximum payout 60% of winnings, capped at $25,000
  • Parlay bonus is valid only on pre-match betting and combos made partially, or fully of live events will not be eligible for a boost
  • Minimum combo odds for eligible parlay bets are -200
  • Minimum combo selection odds for eligible parlay are –500
  • System Bets are ineligible for the Parlay Bonus Boost.
  • Each leg of the parlay MUST win in order to be eligible
  • Parlays with Draw (void) or Cancelled (void) selections will be awarded the bonus for the downgraded number of selections. For example, if the parlay bonus on a 4-fold (4 selections) is 10% and the bonus on a treble (3 selections) is 5%, a Draw (or cancellation) in the 4-fold will fall back to the value of the triple, which is 5%
  • You will earn Reward Points (RPs) on cash wagering only, bonus funds excluded.
  • Cash will always be wagered before any bonus.
  • reserves the right to change or cancel this promotion in its entirety at any time or exclude any individual(s) from participation, if it determines at its sole discretion there are any irregularities or abuses occurring in connection with the promotion.
  •  Any wagers placed on sports betting will not contribute to casino bonus wagering requirements.




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