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We’re thrilled to announce that slots and Bingo have gotten together and given birth to a bold new game.

Slingo has landed at and if you love slots, Bingo, or both, you’re going to love everything about Slingo.

How to play Slingo

Getting started is easy. Place your bet, receive a static grid of numbers where you’d normally see reels, and watch a single reel spin directly below it, 11 times. If a number hits, it gets punched on the card. The more lines you hit at the end of 11 spins, the higher your payout. It’s that easy.

Choose from 3 Slingo games

We’ve got three flavors of Slingo, with each one bringing your more rewards and intensity:

They’re live right now, so come play!

Slingo Showdown
Slingo Riches
Slingo Extreme


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