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Resorts Rewards FAQs

How do I join Resorts Rewards?

When you sign up and play for real money at you automatically join the Resorts Rewards program. Sign up, make a deposit, and start playing to start earning right away!

How do I earn Rewards Points?

Playing for real money (cash only, casino bonus funds are excluded) at means you are earning Rewards Points (RPs). Your balance is tracked automatically. The total number of RPs you earn in a calendar month determines your loyalty level in Resorts Rewards. The more points you earn, the higher your loyalty level.

How do I check my Resorts Rewards points balance?

Check your Resorts Rewards balance at any time by clicking the My Account button. From here, you can also see your current loyalty level, points earned in the current month, and available points to redeem. There is even a progress bar to show you how far you are from the next loyalty level.

How much do I have to wager to earn a Rewards Point?

Earning RPs is simple:

  • Earn 1 RP for every $2 you wager on all Slots
  • Earn 1 RP for every $4 you wager on Roulette
  • Earn 1 RP for every $4 you wager on Three-Card Poker
  • Earn 1 RP for every $8 you wager on Video Poker and all other Table Games

 Keep in mind you only earn RPs on cash wagers; casino bonus funds are excluded.

How do I move up a  loyalty level?

Each Resorts Rewards loyalty level has its own milestone. By hitting that milestone in a calendar month, you'll enter that loyalty level. You'll also get to keep that loyalty level the following month. If you don't earn enough RPs the following month, your loyalty level  will drop one level.

For example, if you move up to Platinum status in Month 1, you'll enter Month 2 with Platinum level. However, if you fail to earn enough RPs to maintain your Platinum status  in Month 2, you'll drop to Gold level in Month 3.

Resorts Rewards Loyalty Level Monthly RPs Required
Bronze 0
Silver 500
Gold 2,000
Platinum 7,500
Diamond 20,000
Echelon 75,000
Echelon Plus 200,000
Echelon Elite 750,000
Echelon Black Invitation Only


What benefits come with my Resorts Rewards loyalty level?

Resorts Rewards give you access to all kinds of exclusive offers online at and offline at Resorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City.  The higher your loyalty level, the more rewards you’ll earn. Visit the Resorts Rewards overview page and Echelon Rewards page for more information on each loyalty level.

What else can I do with my RPs?

Not only do your RPs determine your loyalty level, you can also use them to earn additional entries in some of our fantastic giveaways. The best part is that you can convert your points to CASH! That’s right, you can exchange your points for cash to keep playing casino games, or cash out. It’s up to you!

How many points do I need to convert to cash?

You must have enough RPs to convert at least $1.00 and your loyalty level determines how may RPs are needed. There is no limit to how many points can be converted as long your account is in good standing.

Resorts Rewards Level RPs Needed for $1.00 Cash
Bronze 2,000
Silver 1,250
Gold 500
Platinum 303
Diamond 222
Echelon 200
Echelon Plus 100
Echelon Elite 84
Echelon Black 67


How do I convert my RPs to cash?

To convert your points, click on the My Account button and select Resorts Rewards from the menu. Click the redeem button and enter the number of points you want to redeem.

Will my Rewards Points ever expire?

RPs may expire if your account has been inactive for 3 months. We’ll send you a notification letting you know that you’re at risk of losing your points. To keep your account active, just log in and make a real money bet on casino at



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