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Love credit cards? Love having total control over your money? Then you're going to love the new Resorts Play+ Card.

The Resorts Play+ Card is just like a credit card, only better. You can use it to shop everywhere Discover® is accepted, online and off. But unlike a regular credit card, you can also use it to get paid when you win online.

Just load your Resorts Play+ Card using your Visa or MasterCard or Discover or even your bank account! Then use your loaded card to deposit to your account. When you win, you can get paid quickly by withdrawing your money back to your card.

It's the only card of its kind. And it's only available at

What are the benefits of the Resorts Play+ Card?

  • Huge transaction success rate - If your bank isn't set up to support online gaming transactions, don't worry. Your ResortsCard is designed to get you to the virtual casino floor quickly. 
  • No credit limit - The spending limit is determined by how much money you have on the card.
  • No credit check - The card is yours with just a few pieces of information.
  • Use it pretty much anywhere - The ResortsCard is available everywhere Discover® is accepted.
  • Works at ATMs on the PULSE® and NYCE networks. You can withdraw money from your card at thousands of ATMs.


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